The GRID Foam Roller

A unique massage tool that relieves your stiff muscles!

The GRID Foam Roller

The foam roller helps:

Trigger Point Performance
  • Relieve your stiff back muscles
  • Faster recovery after tough workout
  • Prevent your muscles from straining
  • Strengthen your core muscles
  • Enhance your sports performance

Diverse massage zones

Features 3 Distrodensity Zones and Matrix Technology

Foam Roller The GRID - povrchy

How to use The GRID Foam Roller?


As a massage tool

As a exercise tool


4 reasons to choose The GRID Foam Roller

Features 3 Distrodensity Zones and Matrix Technology

  • 3 massage zones

    When rolling on the massage roller, blood in the stretched muscles can circulate much better thanks to the three different massage zones. As a result, stiff muscles enjoy better recovery after an intense workout.

    That’s why the GRID massage roller is widely used by top athletes.

  • Sturdy design

    The sturdy plastic core design can withstand constant, heavy, and repeated use without breaking down. It keeps fully efficient even after years of use.

    The ordinary foam rollers become soft after 3 months of use or less. This travel-friendly product is backed by a 1-year warranty.

  • Massage tool

    The GRID Foam Roller provides you with effective relief for your stiff back muscles and other parts of your body.

    Back muscles are the most stiff part of body. The GRID is a convenient substitute tool for the classic massage being given anytime at home.

  • Exercise tool

    The Foam Roller is used as an exercise tool strengthening the mid-section – your core muscles. Every exercise is divided into several difficulty levels, as shown in the videos.

    The massage itself also engages the abdominals muscles.

Green Technology

  • Ecological

    With its hollow core and sturdy EVA foam construction, the GRID uses significantly less foam than ordinary foam rollers while providing a quality massage.

  • Economical

    The inside of the foam roller is designed with a unique durable plastic to withstand constant heavy use keeping its shape and efficiency level. It will be the perfect companion for years!

  • You can wear out 9 ordinary foam rollers (255 USD) in 3 years or just one The GRID Foam Roller (39 USD) => let's save more than 200 USD!!!

Athletes’ feedback

I always try out new stuff before recommending it to anyone. I have already had “perfect” fitness tools in my hands many, many times but then discovered it's pretty useless after some time. The ordinary foam rollers are not so durable, so I couldn’t recommend them either.

Finally, after The GRID Foam Roller was introduced, I’ve just started recommending it to my clients! I’ve been using it for more than 2 years and it still works perfectly, just like the first time I used it.

At first, I was using it only as a massage tool to recover my stiff muscles after workouts. But, recently, I have also started to use it in my workouts, which makes it really universal.

Where can you get The GRID?

Exclusively available at:

Triggger Point Performance The GRID Foam Roller

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